I’m Chloe from cmoore wellness and I work as a holistic clinical nutritionist. I use the ‘food as medicine’ approach to health while working holistically by taking into consideration not only the food you eat, but also how the mind, body and soul work towards improving wellness.

What this means is I work with treating conditions and diseases with a multifaceted, person-centred approach. Diseases can be very complex and as a clinical nutritionist, I work towards understanding the causative factors and how the treatment plan can be used to tackle these various causes. I address both the current and previous health status, dietary habits, both absorption and status of nutrition, family history or medical conditions and lifestyle behaviours to allow me to develop comprehensive and individualised treatment plans.

Using both evidence based medicine and traditional methods in my clients treatment plans helps to motivate and empower my clients to improve their health and overall wellness. These treatment plans may include dietary and lifestyle advice, meal plans and recipes and potentially nutritional supplements to correct any deficiencies.

During the consultation, I will spend time asking you various questions relating to your health and medical history, sleep and energy, personal interests and various systems within the body to try and piece together a picture of you as a whole and to help me to develop your treatment plan. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with a question please feel free to let me know and we can move on and I also want to let you know that everything that is discussed is strictly confidential and will not be discussed outside of this room.

As we work together towards your health goals, your treatment plan may change according to how your goals may change.